Board of Directors

Meet our board of directors

In 2012 an initiative spearheaded by Vice-President, Courtney Fanfair led to the formation of a CAAAI branch, in Georgetown Guyana. Mr. Hugh Denbow and Mr. David Gomes head this Committee.


  • Mr. Eawan Devonish

    Mr. Eawan Devonish


  • Mr. Denis Carrington

    Mr. Denis Carrington

    Vice President


  • Dr. Trevin London

    Dr. Trevin London

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Ms. Petal Crockwell Parker

    Ms. Petal Crockwell Parker



  • Ms. Winifred Doris

    Ms. Winifred Doris

    Assistant Secretary

  • Dr. Keith Hampden

    Dr. Keith Hampden



  • Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte

    Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Ms. Lorna Welshman-Neblett

    Ms. Lorna Welshman-Neblett

    Public Relations Officer


  • Dr. Aubrey F. Bentham

    Dr. Aubrey F. Bentham

    Assistant Public Relations Officer

  • Mr. Lawrence Bobb

    Mr. Lawrence Bobb

    Liaison Officer


  • Mr. Clairmont Cutting

    Mr. Clairmont Cutting

    Public Relations Officer

  • Mr. Courtney Fanfair

    Mr. Courtney Fanfair

    Assistant Liaison Officer